Preventive Dentistry 

The goal of preventive dentistry is to keep your mouth and teeth healthy. By regularly visiting the practice you can prevent problems before they ever get a chance to happen.

The two most common causes of people losing teeth are gum disease and decay and we can help to prevent both. You can find out more about gum disease treatment by clicking here.


If you need to be referred to a specialist Periodontist we are fortunate enough to have Dr Mary O’Dea as the practice principal.

We recommend visiting us every six months to have a dental health check carried out by your dentist and receive a thorough cleaning of your teeth by the Hygienist.  

The Mount Oval Dental Health Check includes the following;

  1. Make sure all of your personal details and up-to-date

  2. Recording a full and detailed medical history

  3. Clinical examination of your teeth

  4. Periodontal examination to establish the health of your gums

  5. Examination of the soft tissues lining your mouth (Oral Cancer Screen)

  6. Examination of your bite and chewing efficiency

  7. Examination of your jaw and jaw joint

  8. Examination of your lymph nodes and salivary glands

  9. X-ray examination of your teeth and possibly your jaw bones if clinically indicated

We want to ensure you have a healthy smile for life
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