Natural Coloured Fillings

Increasingly we are asked to place natural colour fillings by people who want a more authentic looking smile. Whilst amalgam (metal) can be very practical and is sometimes necessary if you require a deep filling in a molar, it’s not always the most pleasing aesthetically. 

Whether you need a new filling or wish (or are clinically required) to change an existing one, speak to us about your options. We will carefully select the correct shade and match your filling to ensure a good result both clinically and aesthetically. 

Composite material (which we use in white fillings) can also be used for composite veneers, where one of us will apply the material to change the shape or colour of a tooth. This can even be used, if clinically suitable, to build up slight gaps in the teeth. 

We always wish to deliver the best result that will make you smile with confidence so ask to see a selection of the photographs of treatments we have carried out. Zita and Cliona both have a wide range of case studies and will advise you if natural coloured fillings are the best option. 

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