New Patient Consultation/Assessment - €30 (Free for eligible PPS patients)


We will carefully check your medical history for any relevant aspects that can affect your dental treatment. We will explore any concerns and preferences that you may have and these will form the core of our care for you.


Your teeth will then be charted onto our computer system and we will also assess the health of your gums. X-rays and clinical photographs form an important element of this process, as well as the oral cancer screen that we routinely carry out. We will often use the findings to give our patients a tour of their mouth to best promote a sound understanding of the state of their oral health. Once this is achieved, our patients will then be best placed to instruct us on how they wish us to help them.


Routine examination - €30 (Free for eligible PPS patients)


We recommend all of our patients to protect their dental health by having a routine examination at least once a year (and in some instances twice a year, depending on your dental health). 


We will update your medical status; examine your teeth and oral environment; carry out an oral cancer screen; assess your gum health and take periodic x-rays to assess areas that are not visible to the naked eye. We will address any dental concerns that you may have and ensure that you are fully informed should you require treatment.


Hygienist treatments 

Thorough cleaning of teeth - €65

Prescribed deep clean (including local anaesthetic) - €80

Periodontist referred patient deep clean - €100


Our highly trained and very gentle hygienists will be able to assist you in improving and maintaining your gum-health. Your visits will allow your gum-health to be regularly monitored as prevention is far better than treating the effects of gum-disease. You will leave with a wonderful fresh, clean feeling and a brighter smile.


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