Facial Aesthetics

Anti wrinkle injections (Botox) can give you just the boost you need for a special occasion or a job interview. This non-surgical cosmetic treatment is used to treat frown lines, brow lines, crows feet, saggy necks and jowls, and excessive sweating.


This involves a series of small painless injections in the areas of the face to give a fresher more rested appearance. They minimise the effect of frowning by stopping the corrugator muscles from drawing the eyebrows together. They can also be used to reduce other ‘overactive’ facial expressions such as excessive brow raising or scrunching up of the ‘crows’ feet’ at the side of your eyes.  It is also suitable for treating excessive sweating.


The relaxing effect doesn’t happen instantly. It starts two to three days after treatment and increases over the next week. The effect of anti-wrinkle injections (Botox) usually lasts between three and six months, but this effect improves with successive treatments. This is because muscles you don’t use by nature naturally become weaker and weaker.


Dr Fiona O'Leary is fully trained in this non-surgical cosmetic procedure. Line and wrinkle treatments have been used since the late 80s and provide a treatment with no recovery time and very few risks. 


To launch the service, Fiona is offering complimentary consultations to assess your suitability.


Call 021 489 8784 to find out more details or book your consultation.

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