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We are a family-focused practice in the heart of Mount Oval Village, Rochestown, Cork.


Our ethos is ‘prevention is better than cure’ and the entire team have the aim of keeping your mouth and smile healthy for life. We do this by having a highly experienced team of dentists, hygienists, dental nurses and receptionists to care for you.


Our team is committed to providing the best quality dental treatment at affordable rates.​

The practice was established in 2002 by Dr Mary O’Dea, a specialist periodontist, which means you won’t have to be referred to another practice should you require treatment for gum disease or if it is necessary to have a dental implant placed.

We pride ourselves on our gentle, caring approach to ensure your visit is comfortable and pleasant, whilst providing an excellent standard of dental care in a safe environment.

Some of the treatments we offer include dental implants, gum and tissue treatments, crowns, bridges, veneers, tooth whitening, dentures, root canal therapy and routine restorations.

Each patient is provided with a full dental health check which includes a comprehensive personalized treatment plan (if any is necessary) outlining the treatment required and associated fees. This means you are in control of your dental health. You decide how and when the various aspects of your care are provided.


We are registered with the IDA which represents 80% of all registered dentists.


The practice is fully wheelchair and buggy accessible.



Routine Dental Health Checks

Ensuring a healthy smile for life

Dental Hygiene


Good oral health protects much more than just your mouth

Natural Coloured Fillings


The best way to cosmetically fill a tooth so that your filling won't be seen

Dental Implants


The best way to replace a missing tooth or one which is due to be extracted

Gum Disease Treatment


Whether you already have gum disease which needs treating or you wish to prevent it

Teeth Whitening


One of the safest and easiest ways to give you a bright smile and improve confidence


zita geaney
mary o'dea
Dr. Mary O'Dea

Principal Dentist and Specialist Periodontist

Dr Owen O'Neill


“Excellent treatment at all times. All difficult situations regarding loose teeth are avoided as Mary is one step of the problems as they arise! I feel totally confident in her care and really appreciate all she has done for me”

“It's a pleasure every time I get a check-up or treatment with Dr Zita”

Patient Testimonial

“I was never a big fan of going to the dentist, but Niamh has been absolutely fantastic. Really professional, and I always feel like the team know and remember me”

Patient Testimonial

Patient Testimonial



Our Address

Mount Oval Dental Practice
Mount Oval Village,
Cork, Ireland \\ Tel: (021)  4898784

Opening Hours

Monday, Tuesday and Friday 9am - 6pm

Wednesday and Thursday     9am - 9pm

Saturday 9am - 1pm



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